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A brief history of representative

LexPR is an award-winning boutique agency founded in 2003 and based in Toronto. We conduct media, social media and influencer relations in both English and French for clients that include Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix, HBO Home Entertainment, Baanto, Bio-Oil, Bodylogix and Russian Standard Vodka.

A female-owned business enterprise, LexPR maintains a strong network of proven national, regional and French-language resources across Canada. Our clients benefit from cross-country resources without having to pay for the overhead that comes with multiple offices. (more…)

List of principals of representative

LexPR Canada Ltd. (LexPR) is a company incorporated under the laws of Ontario, having its principal place of business at 21 Camden Street, Suite 400, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1V2. LexPR is 100 per cent privately held by its operator Laura Cochrane. (more…)

A staffing plan for Visit Orlando

Laura Cochrane

Laura Cochrane

President and Chief Creative Officer

Visit Orlando: Co-Lead and Creative Lead

As an owner of two vacation rental properties in the Orlando area, Laura is very aware of this region’s deep tourism assets. (more…)

Proposed service levels with focus on what representative offers that Visit Orlando doesn’t already have

LexPR is committed to servicing Visit Orlando at a very senior level. Because our rates are so competitive, and because we know that senior people get to better solutions faster, we can be highly effective yet efficient. We will assign a minimum of two senior staff (Alistair and Laura) on the day-to-day operations of your file. We can also expand and contract depending on your needs. As identified in section three of this proposal, we will ensure that your relevant ‘Lexperts’ are involved in the file on an ongoing basis as required. (more…)

A list of references of both current and former clients

Tammy Smitham

Vice President, Communications & Corporate Affairs
Shoppers Drug Mart (a current client)
(416) 490-2892

LexPR has been one of Shoppers Drug Mart’s (SDM) public relations agencies since 2007. The agency began with a single Life Brand project and has grown its portfolio to encompass SDM’s corporate and exclusive brands, as well as a number of key marketing initiatives. (more…)

Examples of past programs

Client: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and HBO Home Entertainment events

Date: Various


A description of how representative would approach Consumer Public Relations for Visit Orlando

Because LexPR is entrepreneurial in nature, we’re easy to adapt to our clients’ business preferences and operational styles. (more…)

Recommendations for Orlando to effectively secure media coverage


Disclaimer: The ideas presented below are intended to demonstrate LexPR’s creative thinking ONLY. We are not suggesting that our secondary research can adequately direct us in the development of strategic public relations plans for Visit Orlando. (more…)

Financial and credit data of representative

Building good relations is at the core of everything we do, and this philosophy extends to our vendors and suppliers. LexPR is current with all vendor partners, and we do not have any supplier claims outstanding against the agency for disputed, partial or non payment. Furthermore, there are no legal actions against the company for payment of any type. (more…)

Anticipated fees and expenses

LexPR takes great care in developing campaigns that are both on brand and on budget, therefore, it would be presumptuous of us to recommend a budget for you without a deeper understanding of your priorities and marketing communications plans.

We can work with any Visit Orlando budget. Whether it’s a $5K project, $50K event, $500K program through to a $5M assignment, LexPR will develop manageable objectives that ladder back to solid strategies — at any price point. (more…)

A description of billing policies

When Laura Cochrane left the world of large and medium-sized agencies to open LexPR, she consulted with a focus group of client-side communications executives to review “traditional” agency approaches and revise them to develop a customized approach for LexPR. Top of the list—agency billing.

LexPR created and adheres to a process we call “responsible billing.” We build our budgets based on experience and “best-case scenario” time estimates, and we issue our invoices against those estimates. Unless new assignments are added or existing ones are dramatically altered, we invoice based on these client-approved budgets — even if we go over in time spent on the assignment. It’s an all-in, no surprise billing policy. (more…)

Any special terms or conditions requested/required by the representative

LexPR’s standard payment terms are 30 days. For large-scale, hard-cost heavy events that we undertake on behalf of our clients, we request an expedited deposit to cover a reasonable portion of the hard costs. (more…)

Description of any additional services the Representative would like to propose to expand or supplement services requested

LexPR is truly a best-in-breed public relations agency. We can bring big, bold, creative ideas to the full agency table – but we focus on our core competencies, and allow our agency partners to do the same. (more…)

A signed Non-Disclosure Agreement

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