Take on Orlando

Anticipated fees and expenses

LexPR takes great care in developing campaigns that are both on brand and on budget, therefore, it would be presumptuous of us to recommend a budget for you without a deeper understanding of your priorities and marketing communications plans.

We can work with any Visit Orlando budget. Whether it’s a $5K project, $50K event, $500K program through to a $5M assignment, LexPR will develop manageable objectives that ladder back to solid strategies — at any price point.

LexPR does not charge management fees or a percentage of professional services fees for out of pocket expenses. If we don’t have a receipt for it — it simply cannot be billed it back to the client.

Should LexPR be invited to participate in the next level of your RFP process, we would be happy to break out a budget for any of the creative concepts and/or campaigns we have outlined.

Click here to see what our clients say about our fees. Also outlined in another section of this proposal, you can click here  to see our billable rates.

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