Take on Orlando

Proposed service levels with focus on what representative offers that Visit Orlando doesn’t already have

LexPR is committed to servicing Visit Orlando at a very senior level. Because our rates are so competitive, and because we know that senior people get to better solutions faster, we can be highly effective yet efficient. We will assign a minimum of two senior staff (Alistair and Laura) on the day-to-day operations of your file. We can also expand and contract depending on your needs. As identified in section three of this proposal, we will ensure that your relevant ‘Lexperts’ are involved in the file on an ongoing basis as required.

Because Brad lives a short 20-minute drive from the Visit Orlando office and Laura is in market four to five times per year, we can easily service meeting requests with Visit Orlando and/or its tourism and hospitality partners.

For regional events and on-the-ground activities and in an effort to ensure maximum consistency, we will manage media and social media outreach, influencer relations and events from our Toronto office in both English- and French-speaking Canada. We will tap into our large network of freelance staff to assist on assignments where it fits with the strategy, budget and overall delivery of the program.

What you likely don’t already have in a PR agency partner:

  1. The benefits of the big and small agency environments. LexPR is a boutique agency which means we’re nimble, responsive and highly creative. Through our Havas PR alignment, we now have access to big global thinking and research.
  1. An entire agency of people who travel to Orlando every year. At our brainstorming sessions, you’ll never hear “who’s been to Orlando and what do you remember?”
  1. A world-class brand and creative partner who is not only local to Orlando but has also worked on the Disney brand. See some of his creative magic below.

Disney Interactive:

This was a special piece created for a special client. After submitting the concept, Brad directed the principle photography and then personally worked on over 32 hours of retouching. Not one person was in the same shot at the same time and even some of the clothes were recoloured after the fact.

  • Creative Concept
  • Graphics
  • Photography/Photoshop/Proprietary…and Pixie Dust!


Honda Branded TV Spot:

Brad developed a “cool,” almost-impossible look with added CGI for a Honda spot. He was on location as a supervising art director (with the second unit) as well in studio, and created match frame work for the vehicle launch. After the clip was approved, he then subjected the entire piece to the customized ‘RED’ graphic enhancement appearing to give the piece a hand drawn appearance.

  • Creative Concept
  • Team Supervision
  • Art Direction
  • Location Direction
  • Technical Director


Memorex Branded Promotion:

Brad created eye-catching graphics for a series of three spots — all promoting audio consumer products.

  • Creative Concept
  • Graphics
  • Animation
  • Rendering

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