Take on Orlando

A description of how representative would approach Consumer Public Relations for Visit Orlando

Because LexPR is entrepreneurial in nature, we’re easy to adapt to our clients’ business preferences and operational styles.

To take on the Visit Orlando account, our recommendation would be:

  • In-person meeting at Visit Orlando offices to get briefed-up on the file
    • Visit Orlando to send any relevant information prior to meeting so LexPR can come prepared with basic background and smart questions
    • Review of current marketing and communications plans
    • Delivery and discussion of PR brief
    • Review and discuss statement of work (SOW) and/or contract
    • Discussion of SWAT
    • Learn what success means to client
    • Discussion about how best to approach servicing client’s industry partners
    • Specific to PR plan development, what has worked and not worked in the past
    • Review what other global markets are doing
    • Specific discussion about French-language Canada
    • FAM if we’re required to become invested in your tourism vendors’ businesses
      • LexPR would make the investment in this file and undertake the cost of sending its team to Orlando for the initial FAM
  • In-market meeting with other Visit Orlando agency partners
    • Meet the agency partners and understand how they work and their requirements as it relates to our assignments
    • Learn what they are looking for in a PR agency partner
  • Build a public relations plan
    • Ensure Visit Orlando’s team is consulted along the way to ensure proper buy-in at the early stages, so as not to waste time with multiple off-target drafts
    • Meet with agency partners in development of said plan to ensure it ties back to the brand’s 360 activities
  • Presentation of public relations plan (virtual or in-person)
    • Timelines are assigned to development of multiple deliverables e.g. media lists, media materials, events, etc.
    • Measureable objectives assigned to deliverables
  • Execution and evaluation of PR plan
    • Regular updates to client
      • Press clips are distributed in real time
      • Monthly media update summary provided to highlight pending media clips
      • Weekly meetings recommended during busy periods
      • Monthly meetings recommended for less busy periods
      • Quarterly mini-results are prepared
      • Large results reports are developed on an annual basis
        • PR and advertising values, circulation, media content analysis
      • Post-mortems are developed immediately after each major event execution or activity
      • Budgets are reconciled after each major execution
    • LexPR believes that any great PR plan needs to be fluid — so we will bring fresh and ongoing ideas to the client
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