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What We Do

Consumer PR

We generate talk. Talk encourages trial. Trial builds trends. From consumer products to corporate brands, our job spans getting the attention of early adopters to maintaining the interests of brand enthusiasts. We do this through smart public and social media relations programs.

Issues Management

Who wants to think about a worst-case scenario? We do! We know how to put an effective crisis communication plan in place. We believe that in times of crisis, there needs to be more than just the ‘message.’ How you say it, when you say it, and who you say it to are equally important.

Event Management

We do events, and we do them well. Big or small, we take considerable pride in every touch-point of every event we plan and execute. Whether it’s a large consumer engagement, interactive activation, product launch or personalized brand experience, we approach them all with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. You should see us work our magic.

Influencer Relations

Every influencer has the opportunity to become a brand ambassador. This is why we work hard to leverage our relationships with celebrities, media personalities, trendsetters and local scenesters. Are you on our list?

Media Training

It’s interesting to see how the words “lights, camera, action” can paralyze some yet animate others. But knowledge is power – and that’s exactly how we approach all of our media training programs. Whether it’s a refresher lesson for a seasoned pro or a first-time session with practical exercises, LexPR offers a scalable media training program developed by former journalists.

Bilingual Services

Nous avons une équipe qui parles, écris (et chantes) en français. Translation: We have a team that speaks, writes (and sings) in French.

Social Communications

We tweet, ‘Like’, post, and share. But we are more than mere “followers.” We know that conversations are happening everywhere, 24 hours a day. We know which ones to be a part of and how to be a part of them. Our PR world is changing, and so is yours. We know that influencer and social media relations are adding to the Power of PR. Do you?

Internal Communications

Promoting your brand starts from the inside out. Often an overlooked group, your internal audience can be one of the most important. Savvy internal communications can make the difference between fostering ambassadors or inciting critics.


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